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What happened to our creativity? How do we boost it?

When we are bored, a network of brain regions activates when we’re unfocused, when our mind is off and wandering. Over the past 70 years, we’ve killed off one of the main drivers of creativity: mind wandering. Mind wandering is a rest state that rebuilds…

We are just now entering the second half of 2021 and the single greatest challenge for organizations is finding and retaining talent.

Let’s dive in to some ideas that will enhance and streamline the process both for you and your candidates

1) Publish your clearly defined remote working policy. Is it employee choice? A hybrid solution where you will work 2 days a week from the office building? Put this on your…

Up until recently, companies were leaning on their cyber insurance policy as their business continuity plan and cyber defense strategy. It was an excuse to not invest in good security practices and products because the policy would cover financial losses meaning they could cut IT investment.

This is coming to…

There are three DynamoDB limits you must know

  1. An individual record in DynamoDB is called an item, and a single DynamoDB item cannot exceed 400KB.
  2. There is a 1MB limit on the size of an individual scan or query request.
  3. You can use up to 3,000 Read Capacity Units (RCUs)

I faced a challenge with our EFS throughput which caused significant load increases on our EC2 instances (upwards of 30,000!!) as well as extreme delays reading and writing to the EFS volume.

The EFS volume (network storage) was setup in Bursting Throughput mode which means that Amazon scales the throughput…

Dale Frohman

Principal Site Reliability Engineer. Cyber Security Professional. Technologist. Leader.

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